What If ?!




Remember  Hunger Games with Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark?  They were the yearly tributes from District 12 for the 74th Hunger Games.  

  ..and who later became the victors and looked

p-r-e-t-t-y awesome every step of the way.  True, we remember Katniss as an excellent archer and Peeta as an amazing artist of camouflage, but come on! ...




who doesn't remember their outfits; their style?




There was no limit to their style!  They knew that in order to do good they had to feel good and that came from looking good. Yea, they were actors playing a part. However, the same holds true in real life.



*The Power of Personal Appearance.

Your appearance makes a strong statement about YOU.

What you wear and the way you look affects:

  1. the way you think,
  2. the way you feel,
  3. the way you act or behave, and then
  4. the way others react or respond to you



 *Conselle L.C., Institute of Image Management


So students...

What if ?!

What if your clothes can shape your future? 

That visual impact is as important as verbal impact.  

Your appearance makes a statement which says alot about you.  It shapes your character, identity and personality. It shapes who you become.  Who you become equals your future.

Wow!  Who knew clothes/fashion played such a major role?

What if ?!

What if you could get designer/ trendy items at an affordable price and delivered just in time for that special event?  Clothes that make you feel good, look good and accomplish goals.  

That is what Style Remix is all about and here's how it's done:  To both our customers and consignors, we channel our energy in picking out the most popular fashion items that we know matters to you, a customer, and likewise sell it at the best price for you, a consignor.  Further, we put into motion the ability for students to confidently perform well in school while earning money to pay for student loans, gas, school books, etc.

Style Remix will use this platform to help inspire you to:

-Stay in school
-Improve attendance
-improve grades


Lane Changers are Game Changers 

This is about your "now" and your "future".  Your lane and your game. 

We are all counting on you, millenials and GenZ's to successfully steer all of our future!  You play a BIG part in shaping our future world. A world filled with technology (Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc ).  What do all of these technological areas have in common with each other?  Code. 
They all require code to make them run.  So...who is going to write this code? Who is going to ensure USA is # 1 in technology?
.. you are.
We'd like to introduce you to code.
Writing code is not as difficult as it sounds. As a matter of fact, after you catch on, it's a lot of fun.  (See videos on code below.)
You're gonna be calling the shots pretty soon and we'd like to do our part to help you get ready. So we also plan to use this website to share as much information about coding with you. 
It's no secret that coding is set to be in huge demand.  HUGE.  Why?  A lot of jobs will be replaced by robots. But who's gonna repair the robots?  Coders.
This can be a real game changer.  ( psst..Jobs in demand pay very well).  This will be an opportunity to change your lane.  A lane that no one in your family has probably ever known about. 
Through high end, affordable consignment fashion to build up your confidence together with  knowledge in coding, we plan to help you set your course for a successful future.
Let's start with some study websites:


Get a super power - learn code. :)