How to Consign

Here's how it works..



  1. Mail or Drop-N-Run (Drop off Your Articles)

  • Mail: Our address is P.O. Box 743, Buda, Texas 78610.  Request a free “Mailer Bag”, one bag at a time, please. This is a bag that will be folded, inserted into an envelope and mailed to you to be filled with your trendy consignment articles.  This is a 14.5" X 19" mailer bag which can hold approximately: 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of denim shorts, 1 long skirt, 2 dresses, 4 tops.   When shipping in your mailer bag, remember that this will incur a shipping fee.  Click here to learn about shipping fees.  Please  keep your tracking number or any receipts (for extra information).  

  • Drop-N-Run: For your convenience, you can also drop your consignment articles off at one of our designated locations  (to be announced).  In order to keep prices low, we offer these location points to either (1) pick up newly purchased items and avoid shipping fees and/or (2) drop off your consignment items and, again avoid shipping fees.

For your sake, we are selective in the articles we accept and preview all consignment articles within 24-48 hours upon receipt (whether you drop it off or mail in).  Remember, the more popular the article, the more cash you make!


         Consignment must meet the following conditions:

  • Consignor must be atleast 18 years of age.
  • All articles must be clean, in “like new” condition and of current fashion: purchased within the past 1 – 2 years (Exception: Chanel, Tiffany, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, and other higher-end articles can be past the 1-2 yr. mark). 
  • There is no limit to the number of articles.
  • Articles must either be designer or trendy.
  • Articles cannot contain pills, stains, rips, snags, frays, broken buttons/zippers, discoloration or heavy wear-n-tear (Exception: it is part of fashion). However, as part of our ongoing effort to serve you, we will remain open to negotiating a sales price on select, higher-end items.
  • We provide you with a form that itemizes and prices all articles for your agreement.
  • We return unaccepted items at one of the “designated locations” or by a “Bag-atcha”  (A pre-paid bag by you with your return address on it).  Otherwise it will be donated to a local church for those in need.
  • Once approved, we post your articles on our website.
  • We are working to have an online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; all working together to get your items sold quickly and for the best price. Soon to add additional social media platforms.
  • Articles that do not sell within 30 days will be marked down to promote sale.
  • Monetary breakdown is 30/60/10. The consignor receives 30% of the recorded price.  Style Remix receives 60% and 10% will be deposited into a “Student Account” to be gifted to eligible students in the form of “Remix Buckz".  This is our gift to you, students.  More on that later...
    1. Wait for Your Payout
    • Once your item sells, payouts in the form of a check will be mailed out on the 20th of each month.
    • Store Credit: Converting your payouts to store credits will earn you an additional 15% of store credit.  For example:  $100.00 (payout) + 15% (store credit) = $115.00 (purchasing power)!
      *No cash out on store credit.*
      1. Pick Up/Donate Unsold Articles
      • Items that do not sell within 80 days will have an additional 15 days to be reclaimed by you. If you do not reclaim your item, it will be donated to local churches in the area for people in need.

      Returns/Refunds:  Articles must be returned by mail or at one of the designated locations no later than 14 days from date of purchase. Items returned through mail will receive store credit only.  

      That's it!  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.