We hope you want to become part of our consignment store!

Save gas, time and vehicle wear-n-tear.

You have clothes you no longer wear and are just sitting there collecting dust?

Well, it could be making you some cash!

Think about it, they're in good shape (gently used) and you don't have time to post them on ebay, Poshmark or other marketplaces. What you need is an easy way to get your items sold. That's where we come in.  

It's as simple as 1..2..3.. 

1.  You order a Style Remix Mailer Bag to fill up and send back to us.

2.  We sort through your items to see what can be accepted for resale.  We steam, photograph and post your trendy items on our website.  

3.  You collect your cash.  You make  30%  of the resale price.  This cash can either be mailed to you, handed to you at one of our designated locations or used as store credit. 

We are presently accepting designer/ trendy apparel, shoes and accessories . This includes guys and girls clothing, coats, belts, scarves, handbags, (including partially used perfumes and colognes) etc.  Don't forget to consign those cocktail dresses, gowns and slacks! 

Items must be current and not older that 2 1/2 years. 

 click here for more information.